Thursday, January 21, 2021

Some finished projects

Socks for Myla-Rose.

Cat cake for Willow.

Knowe, design by Kate Davies, for me.

Cardigan, for me.

With buttons.

Same cardigan design, gorgeous cherry-red colour, also for me.

With buttons.

This is the beginning of Knowe, intended to be a small neck-warmer, and it works, just doesn't look stylish when it's on. But I still love it.

Socks using leftover wool from other projects.

I made my own Christmas cards this year using lino print.

A gay Christmas ball.

Or two. I used the Arne and Carlos template.

I actually made a few mini Christmas Balls this year. Different designs. I'm sure I have the photos somewhere...

Mittens, for me, using the basic mitten patten from the Folk Mittens book.

With thumbs.

And just finished - at hat, for me. Pattern is by Kate Davies. I got another Sirdar Colourwheel (below), which I love. It's 80% acrylic, 20% wool. I don't usually use synthetic fibres, except when I buy sock wool, which usually has 15% synthetic fibres for durability, but I was given a Colourwheel a couple of Chistmases ago and it feels so soft, and light, but warm. And I love the changing colours. Never quite know what the finished items is going to look like. 
I've been in a knitting frenzy over the last month or so. While everything else is being thrown about in a tornado above my head, knitting is soothing, calming, focusing. And I am re-calmed every time I wear an item I've made.

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