Friday, May 20, 2011


Well, I've decided to stop blogging to Knitorama. It feels like it belongs in a past part of my life. I'm heartily grateful to Chrissy for encouraging me to continue (loved your comment, especially as when I checked your blog you haven't updated since December last year :) ).

I am sure I'll start another blog. Slightly different, more focused, probably even more honest, or transparent. Anyone who wants to read it can email me and I'll send you the link once it's up and running.

Otherwise, ciao. Thanks for reading. I wish you a good life. x x x 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

To Blog, or Not To Blog? That is the question.

So, I had pretty much decided to stop this blog. I have just moved country (above, packing up the old house in Norfolk) and it seemed like a natural place to make big changes. This blog is rambling and unfocused and sometimes even pointless. And maybe that's okay, but moving country has been a big ambition of ours for years. And along with achieving that, I also want to be more focused, less rambling, and to have a point!
This is the end of the pack. The end of a very long few days. I've already sent a very heartfelt thank you to our two friends, Janie and Ba, who pretty much turned up, moved in, and took over the move. They know how we feel, and we would never have achieved what we achieved in those four days without them.

Along with other friends who helped: Pete who took a day out of his holiday in Derbyshire with his family to come over and help us pack in Norfolk; my sister and her husband who drove up from Dumfries after work to help us unpack at the new house; Kev who also helped us unpack at the new house after a long work day; and Tommy, the muscles of the operation, who took time out of his degree to help us unpack at the new house. We are very grateful to all those people.
This is a moving in present from our friend Rik: a delicous apple crumble.
And living in Scotland again means I get to see more of these two lovely people, Nate and JJ (hiding from our neighbour's dog, Vanwall. Vanwall had long since wandered off, never having been very interested in us in the first place, but they boys couldn't be persuaded to re-emerge from under the blanket).
And it makes celebrating family birthdays much easier too. It was Hagos's mother, Bette's, 80th birthday on Friday. His sister Jill came over from Australia with her friend Ann, and his brother Ewan and his wife Christine came up from Bath. It was great to see all the siblings together again, and I think Bette had a good birthday. 

So, I'll see how the blog goes. Friends tell me they like to read it. And perhaps I can feel better about it and be more focused about what I want it to be.