Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Slow Knitting

Still not much knitting or sewing around here. I'm aiming to finish the second sleeve of #5 Chickadee cardigan. Then I'll pause it to knit some fun, quick things like Arne and Carlos's Christmas Balls. Maybe some mittens.
My wee friend Willow likes to play Duck Duck Goose when we're in the garden. She likes the fire pit lit too, to toast Marshmallows, - or Marshwillows as she calls them. 
These three get on remarkably well considering the age gaps. Willow, the wee one, adores JJ the biggest one. JJ is so considerate and great with both of the girls. Here he is indulging Willow eating a lot of his ice cream. It doesn't seem that long ago since he was the wee one attempting to eat other people's food.
This toad has been living in our wood shed for about a month now. He has a friend, who hides under a log every time we open the shed up. But this one just stays still. I love all animals so much and love having these two sheltering in our shed.