Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This is love

Me and Meg having an afternoon Saturday sleep.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Sock on the Block

I can't stop knitting socks. This is 4 ply alpaca.
We harvested the rest of our potatoes last weekend and now they're stored for autumn / winter.
Busy, busy days. I'm looking forward to some days off between now and Christmas.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Vegetables and Socks

Our potatoes and (I think) onions have done well this year. But our garlic, courgettes, tomatoes, beans (non-existent!) and strawberries haven't! The courgette above is our first, and in addition to those three tomatoes we got another two earlier, as well as three strawberries!
I'm planning to dig up the rest of the onions, garlic and the last of the potatoes tomorrow.
I bought the gorgeous wool above from the K1 knitting shop near my work today. That shop really is too close. When I have a tough day at work I go there to cheer myself up; and when I have a good day at work I go there too! I particularly like the alpaca (the pink wool) 4 ply. I've knitted the yellow socks below with it, and my white vest (unfinished). I've been strangely drawn to pink recently. Not garish, bright pink, but antique/dusty pink. I almost bought some pink Tweed 4 ply from John Lewis yesterday (also rather close to where I work) but couldn't decide what other colour to put it with. I'm really enjoying knitting socks right now (they're good for when Meg is on my lap).
My finished winter socks :)
And my almost finished pair of socks made from leftover wool.

And tomorrow it's SATURDAY! My favourite day :)

Friday, September 07, 2012

The Pigs

I've fallen totally, utterly, and completely in love with my neighbours' pigs.
In particular, with this one, who uses my body as a scratching post (my clothes are covered in mud and spit when she's finished) then lies her head on my foot while I scratch and massage her. She is adorable.
Her three siblings are lovely too, 
I know I shouldn't get attached but I have such an urge to get in amongst them and roll around and cuddle them. I must've been a little pig in a previous life. 

The hens often walk under the electric fence and go into the enclosure too. They all seem very happy together. 

The pigs are incredibly playful and boisterous and funny. I love them. 

Monday, September 03, 2012

Margarita Friday, and Plum/Greengage and Apple Jam

THIS! is how Friday evening began, with pre-mixed Margarita from Sainsburys. It was SO good and just exactly what I wanted.
On Sunday we went to visit Hagos's mum, Bette. I got up early in the morning and made my annual Plum and Apple Jam, and I also made Greengage and Apple Jam. The Plum and Apple Jam turned out very well. I've still to test the Greengage and Apple Jam but I have a slight suspicion it 'went over' before I potted it, meaning it will be glue-like rather than jam-like in consistency. We'll see. I hope it's okay. 
I got five jars of each. I mainly make it for my friend, Lynsey, for her birthday as she likes it so much.
And this morning I found my first Scottish-grown tomatoes, which had fallen from their plants. Only two, and it doesn't look like we'll get many more. I have surprising courgettes coming through though.

September is looking like a very busy month for us between home and work life. I'm looking forward to settling into Autumn in October and closing the door early and cosying up beside the fire to watch Strictly Come Dancing (which begins in two weeks' time), Lilyhammer (a Norwegian/American collaboration starring Steve Van Zandt - Silvio from The Sopranos, which starts on BBC4 on 11th Sept), the third series of The Killing (gotta love those jumpers) and the second series of Borgen, and The Great British Bake Off continues too. I do like Autumn TV.