Sunday, October 06, 2013


Today I thought about making my new handbag, but I ended up just spending time with my animal friends, and RELAXING.

Unscheduled time. Lovely.

The chicks are getting big, and they're the sweetest things. They cheep all the time, and they now run towards me when I approach, along with the big hens, as they know I bring them porridge, which they love. 

When they go to bed, they're all flopped on top of each other, in a bundle. I adore them.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Wool - my favourite material

I'm planning to make a new handbag out of this wool. I love the colours. I'm basing the design on my previous Mulberry bag, which I loved. I considered buying ready-made leather handles to attach - and I might still - but in the meantime I bought some plastic tubing, to cover in material and make my own handles. I also bought bag feet. I like that kind of stuff. 
Might make a bag out of this too. I could've bought half metres of all the wool/tweed in the shop - lovely combinations of colours, checks, herringbone, dogs tooth, etc.
This book has proved very useful.