Monday, April 16, 2018

Makes, and my birthday

So I turned 50 on Saturday, and I feel good at 50. We had a wee house party, and I ate a lot of cake and sugar and drank Champagne.
I like this photo of me and my wee friend Willow. We are around 46 years apart in age, but very similar in our appreciation of silly fun.
I haven't done much sewing and knitting this year as I'm working on making something else, but this wee chicken was a quick, silly, satisfying make.
Progress on my cherry red cardigan is slow, but every so often I have a spurt of activity and it grows.
I've been looking for sock yarn for ages, and I finally found this in John Lewis in Glasgow one day when I had time after going through for work. This photo was taken at night in artificial light and doesn't at all convey the rich, gorgeous purples/yellows/greens. Plus, it's so lovely to have hand-knitted sock(s) again. I forget how luxurious and cosy they feel. I have one pair of hand-knitted socks left and they are very worn. I love the yarn (I don't remember what it is but I'll be buying more this week). And, self-striping equals no effort so that's a win.