Sunday, November 23, 2014


I'm almost finished the vest I'm knitting for my friends' baby. I just have to sew it together, knit the neckband, sew on an embellishment (a fabric flower?) et voila! I'm also knitting matching bootees - a good, fun knit. One done, one to go.
My sister and I met in Glasgow on Friday and went to the Country Living Christmas Fair. It was a good day out. The best part was spending a day off with my sister. The Fair was okay. I was expecting more independent crafters, whereas it was fairly commercial. I also expected it to be Christmassy but it wasn't! And, a real let down was the facilities. There was one small area set aside for two coffee and cake stalls, and one baked potato stall, with far too few chairs and tables to accommodate the hoards of people attending. We ended up grabbing a vege slice off a pie stall and sitting outside on a row of chairs. Not very relaxing or an enhancement to the experience.
So after lunch we went back to our favourite stalls (there was a lovely artist's stall I liked selling animal art on cards, coasters, etc and I bought a couple of chicken coasters), bought a few things and then headed back into Glasgow for a bit more shopping and then COCKTAILS! 

I've wanted to go to the Country Living Christmas Fair for years, and now I have (and will never need to go again).
And this is just a favourite photo of my great-niece Lucy when she visited last weekend. She starts every sentence with, "We need to…", and she hadn't been in the house ten minutes before, "We need to go and see the chickens," and she was out of the door before anyone else could get their coats and wellies on. She's such a sweet girl though, and I love her ginger curls. Delphis was declared her favourite chicken.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Quick knit

I finished knitting my yellow TV jumper, and in true PH style I didn't much fancy sewing it together. I have so many projects on the go - knitting and sewing - but I decided to fit in a quick knit for friends who are due a baby any day now. It's a small vest, and I'll do matching bootees if I have enough wool. I love the simplicity of this pattern. It's designed to keep a baby warm.
You can just see the pattern in this photo. From start to finish it should take me a week. Of course, I'll have to sew this knit together as I made the smallest size, 0 - 3 months to cover winter. 
Hagos has been away for the last couple of weeks, home on Monday. I actually thought he was home a week on Monday - somehow lost track of time. Meg and I have been such close friends. With the dark nights we snuggle up on the couch when I get home from work (once I've showered, put PJs on, lit the fire, made dinner, and gathered EVERYTHING I'll need for the evening close by, because we don't like to move once we're settled). And on my days off we have morning cuddles too, at the kitchen table. She is a great friend.