Thursday, May 30, 2013

While The Dog's Away...

...The Cat Will Play

Meg has taken over as Queen of All She Surveys. This has been her new, favourite position while our neighbours' dog has been on holiday. She has a good view into the chicken shed, the neighbours' back garden, and our garden.

She's been exploring new bushes, most particularly the one in front of our house, which is easy to climb up into and from which she can watch Turkey without being seen. I had to launch myself into the bush to extract her. 

Vanwall (the dog) has now returned and this morning instead of running into my neighbours' flower bushes in their back garden (lots of bird action there) she jumped up on top of our fridge freezer with her ears back. She had a blast while it lasted!

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Necessity drove me to finish my slippers tonight when I stepped in hen pooh with my previous slippers (from Sainsburys).

I love the colour - so cheerful.

I had a great weekend. Lovely Saturday doing our usual visit to Whitmuir, relaxing, home-made pizza; and then today we had a barbecue/picnic at home with our friends and Godsons, and once they left we watched the Monaco Grand Prix highlights and a bit more relaxing before bed.

The weather has been so good that I've been walking around outside a lot with a glass of wine in my hand.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


I don't usually bother with Eurovision, but my friends love it. I suspect it's more to do with having a reason to get together than actually enjoying the music, and certainly the first question on everyone's lips as soon as a song started up was, "What food can we eat for this country?" Because we had a smorgasbord of various food from the participating countries, though I think Maltesers to represent Malta was stretching it a bit :)

Above photo shows good friends Pablo and Jiovanni waiting for the show to begin. 
Mr Debonair, from the 20s.
JJ posing as Germany, while Germany sings her song.
Hagos had turned up wearing a wig and platform shoes. Of course, everyone had to have a shot of the wig.
Pete and Lynsey discussing the merits of something or other while Iain takes proceedings very seriously (he knew all the tunes to begin with).
Nate and Sam having a likewise meritorious discussion.
One of my favourite parts of the evening. We all had score sheets, and the adults were scoring marks out of ten for song, performance and outfit. But JJ had his own system of - OK, fantastic, weerd, rubbish, amazing, excilent, funny and fuzzy. 

On closer inspection I realised his scores were based entirely on whether the main singer was female and had long, preferably blonde, hair. Bonnie Tyler came 3rd in JJ's scoring! So he isn't ageist. Female, long, blonde hair is all that matters. I will have to remind him of this when he's older.
The man himself :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Today's egg cache

We had all kinds of plans for this weekend, and some we achieved: drinks after work with work colleagues on Friday night for me, followed by takeaway Pizza Express with our friends and Godsons. Saturday morning was our usual trip to Whitmuir Organic Cafe/Farm for cappuccino and cake, followed by home-made pizza in the evening.

Today started off well with housework for me, shopping for Hagos, then lunch while watching the Grand Prix. 

After which we were supposed to plant our potatoes and I was going to clean out the hen house but for a few laps towards the end of the Grand Prix Hagos and I FELL ASLEEP! And that seemed to call a halt to the rest of our plans for the day. 

All I did manage was to go out and see my gorgeous girls (the hens and Turkey), feed them, and collect their jewel-like eggs. An exciting bonus was little Rosie's egg in amongst the rest (Rosie lives with Turkey and two others in our neighbours' back shed).

Now I'm on the couch under a blanket and a cat and all I plan to do for the rest of the day is knit and watch Scandinavian crime fiction. A good change of plans.