Saturday, June 04, 2016

June progress

So, I haven't quite finished the Devil's Beeftub Chickadee cardigan. But almost. It's such a satisfying knit, and the finished product feels so comforting. 
This skirt is my quickest make ever. I amended Amy Butler's A-line skirt pattern, cutting both the front and the back pieces on the fold, and inserted the zip at the side. I also shortened it to knee length. Instead of lining it (because it's decor weight) I've done matching waistband facing. Then it just needs to be hemmed and that's it! The material is by a Finnish company. I love the daisy pattern.
We've been gardening when we can, trying not to overdo it. In this bed we have our brussels sprouts, cabbage and purple sprouting broccoli. We've grown sprouts and broccoli before but never cabbage. 
And in here we are growing pea shoots! It's something I first saw years ago, I think on Gardeners' World, and have been meaning to try ever since. They take three weeks from sowing to harvesting.
These strawberries pretty much died during a busy period, but I cut out the dead bits and repotted them and they seem to be thriving again.
This, according to a friend who knows, is a woody peony. I love the dramatic flowers.
And these are our carrots. I sowed them from seed, then planted them out a couple of weeks ago. They're a mixture of small, round orange carrots, and purple carrots! I mixed them up when planting them so we won't know what we're pulling until it appears. 
And I love this photo. Haggis and our wee cat friend, Cherry. She loves hanging out in our garden. Our weather has been good for the last week, and every day after I got home from work, Cherry and I would sit out companionably enjoying the heat (and shade).