Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Driving Knitting Egg

Yesterday we drove through to see Hagos's mum in Ayrshire. I have a thing where I like to have easy access to my current projects. So when I'm on the chaise longue at night, watching TV with Meg on my lap, I like to have my laptop, knitting, reading book, notebooks and pen, and a small plate with two pieces of dark salty chocolate within easy reach. Likewise when I travel I put most of the same in my laptop bag. I used to have a similar thing when I toured. My projects would be found stuffed down the side of my bunk bed. I think it's my version of a security blanket.

So, yesterday on the 3 hour round trip, I cast on and started knitting the TV jumper. I LOVE this colour of wool. It's so gorgeous. And much as I like the quick results of chunky knitting (see below) I think my preferred wool weight is 4 ply. It's just so satisfying.
I finally picked up and continued my chunky ribbon jumper again last weekend. I knitted one whole sleeve in two evenings of TV-watching. So quick! Oh, and also cast on the second sleeve, as you can see. This is exactly the same as the jumper I knitted my friend Lynsey a couple of winters ago. And the same as the green version I did for myself a few years ago too. 
When I've finished the whole jumper and sewn it together, I'm planning to dye the whole thing BLUE! I had thought of doing the same to Lynsey's jumper. This white/pink/blue combination isn't my colour scheme at all. But when I finished Lynsey's I didn't have the courage to dye the jumper in case the whole thing felted, which would have left me present-less (I think I made it for her birthday). But, with my own jumper it doesn't matter so much. I think a deep or petrol blue. I'll post the results! Should all be finished in time for WINTER.
And this is a gratuitous shot of an egg. Isn't it a beautiful thing to find first thing in the morning? Perfect in its imperfection. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wool Scones Chickens

I've had my eye on this wool for a while. I love this part of the colour spectrum - yellow, warm yellow. This will be my winter TV jumper. I ordered it from a company called Love Knitting, and I love that it came in this gauze bag. Little details like this make a difference. I would definitely order from this company again. 
Today we had no bread so I quickly baked scones to go with our soup. It was either that or nothing. And I love my own scones. They're light and delicious just with butter.
I've been spending a lot of time with my animal friends lately. The new chicks, and Swann (our goose) take a fair bit of attention, but I like to make sure the old girls are given special treatment too. This is Yoko, one of our original girls. 
But the chicks' antics are very entertaining. This is Bread. We think Bread is a cockerel. He's a beautiful creature. Amazing colouring. Bursting out of his body. He reminds me of the Incredible Hulk because I can almost see him expand, he's growing so quickly.
This is Delphis and her wee family. They're so cute when I see them coming towards me. I just love them. They are mixing well with the other hens and goose. I'm so impressed by Delphis's qualities and dedication as a mum. And they love her so much.
This is The Secret Herb Garden in Damhead. A new place we were told about. I loved it, particularly the shop, which sell such diverse items as bee suits and glassware, pencils, soap, chocolate honeycomb… I particularly covet The Tub/The Hub? I don't remember what it's called but when Virginia Woolf wrote about A Room of One's Own she could have been writing about this. A gorgeous room, with a desk, a window and two armchairs. I want it, badly.