Sunday, January 02, 2011

A new jumper

I got this book a few years ago and have been meaning to knit something from it ever since. I got some black DK Rowan Cashsoft in a John Lewis sale last year and decided to knit the cover jumper (shown in Kidsilk Haze).
However, when I came to cast off for the sleeve and neck (on the front) it soon became apparent that the pattern didn't add up! I sat down with a pen and piece of paper twice to try to make sense of it, and failed. So I decided to knit the back first, which did make sense, and hope that that would throw light on the front cast off. And it did. But I did have to re-calculate the whole cast off for the neck. The numbers were significantly out!    
So I now have the front and the back, and being DK it didn't take that long to knit up. Two weeks of TV watching (and bus riding). I'm hoping the sleeves will take another two weeks and I'll have a new jumper by the third week of January.

We had a lovely Christmas day and Boxing day. It was great to just eat, drink and watch TV and not try to achieve anything. Hagos's mother was supposed to spend it with us, but she got a third of the way on the train only to be told the connecting train was delayed by five hours, so she made the decision to turn back rather than continue, which was the sensible decision but we were all disappointed she couldn't make it.

Here's hoping 2011 will be a prosperous year!