Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The first sock in the sockstravaganza :) Knitting during a car journey to visit my mother-in-law.
I've had this material for such a long time, and haven't felt very inspired by it. But an urge to sew something quick and easy meant these pyjama bottoms got made, and now I really like them! And really like the material. I'm tempted to find more cheap cotton from Ikea to make more pyjama bottoms.
I love this photo of the glaced fruit ingredients for Hagos's birthday cake. His favourite is Bishop's Cake from a recipe given to me by his mum. We've never managed to get hold of angelica before, but Hagos ordered it online (is there anything that can't be bought online?). I love the colours all together. His mum told me it's called Bishop's Cake because when you slice through the cake it's like a stained glass window.
The finished cake! It was rather big. Hagos said we should put it next to Arthur's Seat for scale :)

I had a lovely few days off. I have a couple of three day weeks in April. Looking forward to that.