Saturday, September 03, 2016

Sewing Tetris (almost)

I so love my new pyjama bottoms. They are 3/4 length, because I only bought a metre of fabric. I didn't plan the staggering of the pink tents across both legs, they just worked out that way - a happy accident!
And, I decided to insert side pockets! I got the pocket pattern from the Tilly and the Buttons book Clemence skirt pattern, and also the instructions.
They are very silly and were fun to make.
Because I always struggle to tell the front from the back, I added a wee 'hand made' ribbon.
Next up, I hemmed my apple tree skirt. Love it too.
And finally, I also made pyjama shorts! I really love these. Haggis brought me back one metre of this material from Japan, hoping I could get a skirt out of it, but it was only 112cm wide, not 150cm, and initially I didn't even think I'd get pyjama shorts, but with very careful pattern-placement I managed it. I stupidly ran out of pyjama elastic so they are all hemmed just waiting for the elastic, and just in time for.... winter!
I have looked at this material and these patterns for ages and finally pressed the 'buy now' button when my online shopping basket had them in. I love the aesthetic of the Merchant and Mills patterns. So functional.
The weather is decidedly turning autumnal. We went for a walk last week and ended up on the scout bridge.
Meg looking cute and cheeky.
I love the countryside around here.