Monday, April 10, 2017


I haven't made much recently - either sewing or knitting-wise. I've been doing slow rows on a pair of mittens, but otherwise, nada.

So when I needed a quick fix last night (I like to feel I've achieved something in a day - washing endless dishes doesn't count) I remembered this pair of knickers I'd almost finished but couldn't quite be bothered to elastic all the edges before putting it away last year.

It probably took about an hour to sew the elastic on. I've sewn with elastic before while making my pyjama bottoms so am used to handling it. 

The finished result is ROUGH, but I set out with the intention of them being a test pair so wasn't too bothered. I was more interested in the mechanics of making them than the aesthetic of the finished product (polka dots aren't my thing).

Overall I'm really pleased with them. They fit! And they're fairly jolly. I toyed with adding an embellishment, but for now have left them plain. The elastic on the inside shows the stitching so next time I'll colour match the thread on both sides. And I'll raise the top of the knickers by about two inches! I like my knickers to come up to my waist. I have so many leftover bits of fabric that I will definitely make more. I also bought FOE (fold over elastic) recently so am excited to try that out. I can make a pair of knickers with off-cuts and FOE costing £1.50 per pair, which isn't bad. I could source some cheaper elastic and make each pair for 75p. I'll see. 
The kit I used was this from The Makery. It contains everything you'll need. A fairly hefty price at £15 a box! But I was in need of cheering up at lunchtime one day and John Lewis haberdashery is always guaranteed to do that for me so it was £15 well spent.
Yesterday I wore my daisy skirt with my hand-knitted moss jumper. I really love both of them, and I love being able to wear stuff I've made myself. It makes me so happy! I'm keen to wear all my summer skirts as the weather has been sunny recently but it is still actually cold, so I was glad I'd worn leggings as well.