Monday, November 08, 2010

Long-sleeved TV jumper!

This jumper has been hanging around for too long waiting for me to sew it together. I hate sewing jumpers together, and it was delayed further because when I sewed the first sleeve in place I noticed this: 
The stripes didn't line up! They do on my three short-sleeved versions, because that's how Sarah Dallas, the designer, designed it. (The pattern is from Vintage Knits, by Sarah Dallas.) I hadn't taken this into account when adapting the pattern to make it a long-sleeved jumper.

Anyway, yesterday I finally decided there wasn't anything I could do about it and finished sewing the other sleeve in place, and then the sides together. I did wonder if I could/should unpick the sleeve and try to push and pull the stripes to line up, but I knew it wouldn't work.
So today I am wearing it for the first time, and I really, really love it. It's completely comfortable and warm and neat, and the stripes not lining up can't really be seen when my arms are by my sides, which is most of the time.

I definitely want to make another, but this time I would dispense with the stripes altogether. I know it adds interest when knitting and to look at but apart from working out how to line up the stripes it just adds unnecessarily to the cost (Kidsilk Haze is about £8 a ball now!). I really want a jumper in Rowan Cashsoft Redwood next.

Before I do that, however, I have the red and purple loop jumper to finish (still!), my second purple and green mitten (though I've decided that will be next year's winter accessories instead of this - I'll get another year out of my green and white mittens, scarf and hat), and my black double knit Cashsoft jumper.

I also bought two balls of the Rowan Cashsoft Redwood in a sale at John Lewis at the weekend, along with some new acid-green beads and want to knit another pair of beady bed socks.

I think I'll pencil in the Redwood long-sleeved TV jumper for next winter!