Sunday, September 08, 2013

Relish, Knitting, Chicks and a Cat

I made my annual Beetroot Relish on Thursday night. Home-grown beetroot. I couldn't find my previous recipe so just looked for one online. It's perhaps a little sweet, but still, it tastes so fresh and amazing. It's delicious.
As if I don't have enough jumpers on the go at the moment (another four - three of which just need to be sewn together, one in the process of being knitted still) I decided to cast on this 4-ply Rowan Tweed, which I bought about ten years ago at the Alexandra Palace Stitch and Knit Show. Wow. I got ten balls of wool for about a tenner. I don't know why I haven't used it before now, because it's knitting up beautifully.
I decided just to make my very familiar TV jumper (Vintage Knits, Sarah Dallas) that I've made several times already. It's so good for watching TV as I don't need to pay much attention when knitting. And as I watch 1-2 hours of TV each day that adds up to a lot of knitting. I've almost finished the back already! I love all the flecks of red, yellow, orange and greens.
I bought the above pattern off Ebay. I saw someone who had made it up on their blog and liked it so much I tracked it down. It's a 60s pattern. Looking forward to making it up!
The chicks are getting big. They're so beautiful and sweet. They run away when I first approach them but soon they get brave and act normally. They grow incredibly fast. Wasn't so long ago they were flexing their legs in their eggs!
Meg is interested in the chicks, but thankfully, so far she hasn't tried to grab one. I think she knows they're special, and not run-of-the-mill blue tits or robins. Meg is so beautiful.

My favourite programme, Strictly Come Dancing, started last night. Looking forward to it beginning properly in 3 weeks' time. The last couple of days have been markedly cooler. Autumn is definitely here.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Silly Sunday

I've signed up to do an Experimental Writing module at the University of Edinburgh in January. It lasts for 10 weeks, one evening a week. Above is my reading list (I do love a reading list).
So, of course, to carry those books around I'm going to need a purpose-made bag. It's a silly bag, but I like it. It took about half an hour to knock up. It wouldn't stand up to any sewing scrutiny but it is functionally fulfilling.
I've started collecting the books to read. It says any five of the core reading, then has recommended reading. I thought I'd start with Max Sebald's The Emigrants. I should really have read more of Max's writing anyway, having had him as my writing tutor at UEA.

Then I might move on to William Burroughs, then Italo Calvino and finally James Joyce. I was also meant to have already read Ulysses during my Masters degree, but somehow I managed to bluff my way through that part of the course. I wish I hadn't.
The bag in action.
Even Ulysses fits, and I didn't think any bag in the world would be big enough for that.

Summer has surprisingly lasted a long time in Scotland this year. The forecast for tomorrow is 18 degrees again. Today is what I think of as a typically Scottish Sunday: dull, overcast, windy with the possibility of rain. I like days like this because walks are refreshing and it's always nice to get back inside the warmth (central heating on) and do an indoor pursuit - reading, knitting, sewing, drinking tea and eating chocolate.

I rarely watch any TV during the summer period. There's nothing on I like. But come autumn, into winter, all my favourite shows return: The Great British Bake Off, Strictly Come Dancing, The Bridge Series 2, Borgen Series 3, The Great British Sewing Bee. I'm sure there are more.

The jumper update I expected to do has been delayed due to it taking much longer to finish them off than I'd anticipated. In the meantime I've cast on another jumper. I can hardly believe it myself, as well as continuing with the chunky white jumper. So, I have THREE jumpers that are all knitted and are now in the process of being sewn together and having their neckbands knitted, and TWO jumpers that are on the needles. I also need to upload the photo of my finished fleece dress. Next weekend.