Thursday, March 10, 2016

Simple Sewing

I decided to make more napkins. I am addicted to the online fabric shop M is for Make. They have such fun material. I could buy LOTS of it. And I've been taking simple pleasure from using the napkins I already made. Very silly. But I find colour particularly sparks my imagination and makes me feel happy. As does colour combinations. The blue dots with occasional orange - I love that. It transfixes me. 
The napkins have found a home in this transparent-lidded tin. 
On Valentine's Day I made heart-shaped scones.
Along with lemon curd, made with eggs from Bubbles and Tiger. Home-made lemon curd is amazing. I could eat the whole jar just by itself, though my scones are also great. I make them with skimmed milk and plain flour with raising agents, and somehow they turn out light and tasty.
It was Hagos's 40th birthday at the end of February. We had a great couple of days. As well as our local friends, three of Hagos's touring friends also came across/up. Mike from Northern Ireland, and Simon and his girlfriend Oktober, and Roger and his wife Bee from the south of England. It was so nice for me to properly meet Simon and Oktober, and we were delighted to see Roger and Bee again. Bee is another textile person so I find her really interesting to talk to in a nerdy way. Roger's present to Hagos, which he made everyone vote for Hagos to put on straight away, was an England Rugby Shirt. About the best worst present Hagos could get. Very funny.
I bought this material on a whim, thinking I'd make summer pyjamas - pyjama shorts and a top based on the top part of the Bettine pattern. I think I'll still make the pyjama shorts, but I'm not sure about the top. Would it be comfortable to wear? Also thought of making my great-niece Lucy a skirt as well. I love the coloured eggs.