Friday, April 25, 2008

An Evening Out; and Fabric Gluttony

I've just seen my friend Bev perform at the Maddermarket Theatre in Norwich in Hayfever by Noel Coward. She was absolutely great, and very funny in the role of Myra, a sexual vamp. I so wish I'd taken my camera because my friend Mo and I were up on the balcony overhanging the stage and had perfect views. But I had rushed to get there after dropping Hagos off at the airport then driving home for a quick supper before leaving to go out again. It was a really lovely way to spend the evening.
This is my Kaffe Fassett Green Daisy from my work colleagues. It really reminds me of Art Deco style, which is why I love it. I really believe I now have enough material and feel slightly that I've overdosed on it. Like eating so much chocolate you feel sick. But a good sick.
And these are my cut out bags pinned together with interfacing, ready to sew together.

Hagos will be back on Monday. I'm planning to sew, read, knit, play piano and watch the occasional DVD until then.

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