Saturday, April 26, 2008

Breakfast in the Sunshine

It is such a beautiful, sunny day here I decided to have my breakfast on the picnic bench, after walking round to the shops for milk and papers.
I was especially pleased because this morning when I got up I judged I could dare try on one of my many skirts I've been making. I never mentioned this before - but I made them a size smaller than I was at the time because I fully intended losing weight. So all the skirts have been/are being made in the size I want to be. And this morning I fit into them!!! I'm so pleased. The first time I tried this skirt on it was halfway up my torso because I was too fat for it to sit and fit normally. I still have a way to go - the skirt is puckering an inch at the waistband now rather than 8 inches - but it's a good start and gives me a strong incentive to continue.

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