Saturday, March 22, 2008

Toiletries bags and headbands

I'd really like to make another Simplicity dress and I'm considering the above Japanese fabrics, found during my lunchtime forays to Anglian Fashion Fabrics, a shop 10 minutes' walk from where I work and where I end up most lunchtimes, just to look. I think I prefer the one on the left. I'd have to line the dress though as the fabric is too see-through.

Yesterday I decided to make two toiletries bags and matching headbands, so while Hagos was in the bath and Meg was sleeping sweetly I got all the material and scissors and pins out and set to work. I managed to cut the outer material before madame jumped down and got involved.

This is her lying on the material and pins. I put my hand on top of the pins to shield her from hurting herself, only to be scratched and bitten for my concern.
It took me longer than I expected but I was really pleased with the results.
I lined the bags with shower curtain material I bought in John Lewis. And I backed the headbands in the green cotton I use for embroidery. I thought about embroidering something on it but didn't know what, and I wanted to get on. Anyway, these are more face washing headbands as the people they're intended for are unlikely to wear them in public.
The black material is, of course, Kaffe Fassett. The purple gerbera fabric is Carla Miller. Absolutely gorgeous. Now I just have to get the cord and stopper to thread through the top and they will be finished. Today we went into town. It was snowing as we drove in. After lunch we stumbled upon the French market that comes to Norwich twice a year and sells gorgeous things, particularly sweets. I bought some small pieces of nougat, as I'm trying to lose weight.

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Felicia said...

They turned out adorable and your assistant is mighty cute :)