Monday, March 03, 2008

Barcelona Skirt

I finally got a burst of energy last night and decided to cut out both my Barcelona A-line skirt pattern, and the Simplicity dress pattern. And tonight I cut out the material for the skirt. I think next I'll cut out the skirt lining, and the material for the dress so I have it all ready to go. I did it all while Meg was out hunting, though she came in tonight just as I was taking the pins out of the pattern and material and attacked me, making me bleed, when I shielded her from hurting herself!
I'm still feeling sluggish, but better than yesterday. My mind isn't totally present though. I think it's because I have to concentrate so hard during the week that come the weekend my brain really lets go!

Tomorrow I have to go to the gym and have blood tests to see if there's an underlying cause to my tiredness. And I really want to get an AL Kennedy book to read. Either: Day, Paradise, or Indelible Acts. I might leave that till I'm back to work on Tuesday to save an extra trip into town. And I need to buy an invisible zip and some thread. And so the list forms again.

I made a great breakthrough on the domestic front tonight, which made me stupidly happy. Our vacuum cleaner hasn't been working properly for about a month. After a swift appraisal I decided there was a blockage in the tube, thus preventing the right amount of suction. It's been a real pain, and I've ended up picking half the crap off the floor myself every time I vacuum. Tonight I was pushing it around, trying to make the floor look better, when for some reason I decided to check the bag wasn't full. AND IT WAS! It was so full the stuff was hanging out of the hole. Now, I checked the bag wasn't full when I was first aware of the problem. Anyway, new bag, fully functioning vacuum cleaner. The floor looks clean now. I'd just about resigned myself to having to buy a new one, or ask Hagos to take the hose apart to find the, er, blockage.

It's bedtime. My hands are FULL of scratches.

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