Saturday, March 29, 2008


I really needed to supplant the photos of snow with something more cheerful and warming. This is my decaf mocha from lunch in Ha Ha's this afternoon. Beautifully presented. I excitedly spooned the chocolate and froth up first, only to discover an ordinary coffee underneath. So I sent it back and it was replaced by a less beautiful but better tasting drink.

Saturday is my favourite day of the week when Hagos is home. We have set things we do: drive into town for midday listening to Jonathan Ross on Radio 2, Ha-Ha-half-a-breakfast in Ha Ha's, bookshop for me, Maplins for H, library, then home. And in the evening Hagos cooks vege sausage pasta with pesto, which is delicious, and we watch a film together. The rest of the day is free time to potter and mess around the house. It's a day when I feel I don't have to achieve anything in particular. Nothing is crossed from the list because the purpose of the day is the pursuit of happiness.

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