Monday, March 10, 2008

A Dress and A Sister

Here is my finished Simplicity dress. I made a longer version of the top, rather than follow the dress version of the pattern as that would have involved a zip and tucks. I'm really pleased with it and love the colour. This Kaffe Fassett design is definitely a favourite and I'd like to make a black one too. I thought I'd wait till I've finished my skirts though as I may prefer to make a black skirt. It looks really good on too, quite slimming! I decided not to line it eventually and hope that was the right decision.

My sister and her husband came to visit over the weekend. We went into town on Saturday, visited a couple of shops, I got my John Lewis fix and then we picked my friend Bev up and came home. Then we went to V's Cafe for lunch, which was extremely nice. I had my usual double egg on toast. I kept meaning to take my camera with me every time we went out and kept forgetting so I have no photos to show. On Sunday we went to Reepham Station and had tea and cake there. Jacqueline and I had the most delicious coffee cake. So today I'm back on my diet of fruit and veg.

I dyed Jacqueline's hair while she was here, which was good fun. She got a highlight kit. Then I straightened it all for her, and she really suits her hair straightened. I'm trying to persuade her to buy a set of GHD straighteners as mine aren't and take ages to use. Anyway, this is the result.

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Hilde said...

I just came back to look at your dress again - I love it!