Monday, March 03, 2008


So, today, the Barcelona Layered Skirt pattern was playing on my mind when I got up. I'd worked out last night that I just had enough material to make it with my leftover Amy Butler Coriander Olive. So I traced and ironed and cut it all out, and now I have a dress and two skirts ready to sew together! I'm very excited!
This is them all hanging up next to the new Sardine mountain. So now I'm taking a break before pressing on with my Spring Cleaning. I've done the bathroom, now I just have the rest of the house (and car, and shed) to do.

I've located a new place to write in too. It's on the couch in Hagos's studio. I like being surrounded by Hagos's stuff, and it's comfortable and quiet in there, and has none of my own distractions.

I spoke to Hagos on MSN this morning for a wee while. He's in Istanbul at the moment. It was REALLY nice to chat to him

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Melissa said...

ooh- nothing like being at home by yourself for a while to inspire some serious crafting! have fun with your pretty new clothes!

- (tiny happy)