Friday, March 14, 2008

A Green Day

It always takes me a day by myself to rev up into some kind of momentum. Almost like coming out of a fog and being able to see more clearly.

Anyway, yesterday started off very slowly. I wrote a long list of THINGS TO DO, which left me feeling overwhelmed. So instead I cleaned the bathroom (a token gesture to the list) and then started knitting a jumper for Keigan's 1st birthday. I love the colour, a kind of moss-green. I'm planning to put little football buttons on the shoulder. It will match the socks, or I should say sock, singular, as I haven't knitted the second one yet. I lit a fire around midday and snuggled down with my knitting and cat and watched Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice.

Then, in the evening, I started sewing together my Kaffe Fassett Paperweight Algae skirt. And here's the result: I'm really pleased with it. I was concerned the lining would make it too heavy for summer, but actually it still feels lightweight and very luxurious. And I'm really chuffed with how professional it looks. I made myself stop just before completely finishing it last night because it was 1am and I really needed to go to bed. So I just have the lining to slip stitch to the zip, and the hemming of the skirt and lining to do, et voila, finito!

So this morning the list is still staring at me, making me want to crawl back into bed with my book and cat. I think I might throw it in the bin and have more of an organic approach to the day.

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Angifreak said...

Ah, the skirt and dress are fantastic!

On a side note, I'm tagging you with a "meme" thing:
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Sorry... if it's any consolation, I'm tagging Hagos, too!