Sunday, March 23, 2008

Me and my Gorgeous Assistant

It was snowing this morning when we got up, so we decided to stay in all day instead of venturing out. I cleared the kitchen table and spread out the pieces for the layered Amy Butler A-line skirt. The pattern instructions were to sew the top two layers together and then insert the zip and then add the bottom layers, but that seemed a strange way round to do things to me, so I sewed all the layers together and then effectively followed the pattern for the normal A-line skirt. My assistant here helped beautifully with this part of the process. So this is how far I've got with the skirt. I finished the outer layer, now just have to sew together the lining, put the two together and hem it and it'll be finished. I do love this material, and was glad to have enough from leftovers to be able to make a skirt, but otherwise I don't think I'd bother making the layered skirt. Maybe once it starts fraying I'll love the BoHo chicness of it. I'm so ready for spring and warmth, I hope we don't wake up tomorrow to this again.


knittingiris said...

Beautiful! I have the plain A-line version all cut out and ready to assemble. Seeing yours here will hopefully motivate me to get to it sooner.

Mary Beth said...

Great skirt! I love your fabric too!