Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Time and Space

I became aware of Tanya Streeter when she designed champagne flutes for Habitat. She's a world record free diver and the champagne glasses had solid bases with air bubbles, I guess to signify her holding her breath at great depths for long periods of time? She came to mind tonight when I was in the bath, thinking about how I mostly operate on the surface of life these days. I rarely reach the point where I plumb the depths of my subconscious / unconscious, though I often wake in the night with existential angst! I have so many distractions: people, earning a living, TV, housework, working towards practical goals; I don't often feel I'm still enough to experience insightful moments that reveal something honest and worthwhile about life. Which is what drew me to writing many years ago, and is the state I want to find again so I can continue.
In the meantime I can read other people who do manage to make meaningful connections and write about it.

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