Saturday, March 07, 2009

Stranded in the Delta Quadrant (aka Norfolk)

Haggis and I have recently been watching Star Trek Voyager on DVD. Series 6 arrived in this morning's post.

It struck me the other day, after being in Edinburgh, how Hagos and I living in Norfolk feels similar to the plight of Voyager's crew being stranded in the Delta Quadrant. I frequently question how we got here, what we're doing living here, and trying to figure out a route home again. (We moved to Norfolk from London ten years ago so I could study at the University of East Anglia for my Masters Degree. We didn't want to move back to London and so have ended up just staying here.) Last weekend in Scotland showed us what our lives could be like with good friends and family nearby.

Norfolk is a lovely county and is an extremely pleasant place to live. And the people are overwhelmingly gentle and kind and good people. But I've never felt settled here. Maybe it's because we lived in London from the ages of 19 to 30, we got used to living in a vibrant and diverse city and Norfolk feels very sleepy in comparison. So, we need to make the move to Edinburgh and I feel scared and excited for all sorts of reasons.

Another similarity to the Voyager crew is that Hagos and I were joined by our own little Borg drone, Meg, though she acts more like the Borg Queen than a drone (Seven of Nine is my favourite Star Trek character). When we finally leave we'll be taking our little drone with us back to the Alpha Quadrant (aka Edinburgh).

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