Saturday, March 28, 2009


I'm losing track of days here as Hagos comes and goes on and off tour. And on 26/3, whichever day that was, the band he's on tour with played in Norwich, and Vicky and I went along to see them. As always I stood behind Hagos at the mixing desk, especially as he said the crowds were usually lively, and a couple of nights previously had broken through the security barrier at the front of the stage, which then had to be replaced by bulky security guards! But, true to Norwich's innate lack of fuss, the crowd merely punched the air, did a little bit of jigging on the spot, and threw two or three plastic cups of water/beer across the room. Very civilised.

I really enjoyed watching and hearing Hagos mix again though, because he's so good at it. I love listening to the tweaks he does and the effect it has on the sound. I could go on and on: I am his no. 1 fan. His mixing, and musicianship, have always impressed me, because he manages to infuse what he does with his personality, whatever he's doing - it sounds like him.
I recently, and in three days, read Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day, by Winifred Watson. I wasn't quite in the mood for it when I read it, however, it struck me as being a female version of Jeeves and Wooster, by PG Wodehouse. It was an easy read, and fun in places. I was most touched by the ending, when she thought her Cinderella day was over and had, literally, nowhere to go. No home to go to, no job, no money. I thought that was very sad. Gladly it was to be a happy ending and her new friends didn't abandon her, and she was even offered a grand new life, and a grand new home, and a handsome beau to court her.
So this weekend I'm preparing for Monday, and am planning to relax and rest as much as possible. It was raining here this morning when I went out for the paper, so I left my umbrella to dry on the kitchen floor. Later I fed Meg her lunch (after she'd bitten me two or three times for not being quick enough about it), and afterwards I couldn't find her anywhere. Then I saw her sitting as far under the umbrella as she could get. She looked so funny. But of course, when I went to get the camera to photograph her she moved. I just missed it.

I have no crafty stuff to show at the moment. In the evening, as I rewatch Firefly, I am tidying up the ends of the crocheted squares so I can finish my cushion cover. But it is happening at a snail's pace. How much I get done depends on me being cat-free as I lie on the couch, which is only about 5% of the time.

But FIREFLY - what a great series. I love it. Everyone should watch it, and we should restart that petition to get Fox to recommission it. Let's pretend the film (Serenity) never happened in a Bobby - Ewing - just - stepped - out- of - the - shower - and - it - was - all - a - dream kind of way. Yay.

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