Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Two Day Holiday

Hagos has gone off on tour again today. I dropped him at the train station this morning for him to travel to Sheffield . It's felt a bit strange, this last week, preparing for him to go away again, because he's had four months off touring, and we both got used to him being at home, and working at home during that time. Even though we've been doing this lifestyle for 20 years.

So this weekend I've decided to give myself a two day holiday. I always rattle around the house feeling lost when Hagos first goes away, so I've set myself up for a weekend of things I enjoy, before I get back to work myself on Monday.
First of all I headed to John Lewis just to look. I couldn't resist the Debbie Bliss cotton in the first photo. The colours are just so beautiful. I don't exactly have a plan of what to do with them, but I might make face cloths with them.

I also bought some of my favourite Oxford Cotton material, and a cushion, to put it all together with my crocheted squares to make a cushion and cover for the chair in our living room. I've been feeling an urge to crochet again recently. The squares look great together, I think, and it will be nice to have a soft cushion to rest on and to cheer up the room.

I'm also very excited because Hagos has given me permission to make him a new toiletries bag. He pulled out his old one last night when he was getting his stuff ready to go away, and it looked very old and all the lining has broken up. Usually he declines my numerous offers to make him anything (a new jumper? hat? gloves? socks? toiletries bag?) but finally he's agreed. I will pull out my stash of fabric and choose an appropriate blend of pattern and colour. Nothing flowery, maybe polka dots, maybe some Kaffe Fassett stripes. We'll see.
For the rest of the weekend I also plan to: play the piano, read, write, sleep, watch The Piano (film by Jane Campion) and set up the house ready for me to work on Monday.

I'm now learning the 2nd half of page 2 of The Heart Asks Pleasure First. The double bass clef! It's incredibly beautiful and deep and rich, and I love when the top bass clef reverts to a treble clef. It's exquisite. I'm so lucky that I enjoy so many things.

I also received a wonderful package in the post on Friday, which contained elephant material from Goodness in Japan. I'll update more about that later.

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Angifreak said...

You are an inspiration, P. I haven't touched a piano... or a knitting needle in a while (which is sad because I'm not working and have time to do these things). My friend's husband joked that this is my "tax free year" -- which, sadly, seems to be true. I need a plan -- I'm going to do some stash busting, but it's a bit overwhelming! What to do with two bags of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky???