Monday, March 16, 2009

How to lose weight

I've been a stone and a half overweight for a loooonng time. And now that Hagos is on a five week tour I thought it would be a good opportunity to shift it.

I've lost weight using this method before. Essentially I can eat fish, vegetables, fruit, soup, salad, porridge and beans, also a little bit of brown rice and occasional wholewheat pasta. I don't eat bread, sweets, chocolate, cakes, white pasta or white rice.

Three of the very helpful companies/products I use are: Covent Garden Soup Company; Innocent Smoothies; and Tropical Wholefoods fruit bars - because they all contain fresh ingredients and no crap whatsoever. The fruit bars are a lifesaver sometimes. They take the edge off a sweet craving.

And I go to the gym.
It's day one and I've done well so far. Part of the trick of this working is to be prepared! and to substitute all the crap I eat with healthy things I like. I love everything I'm now eating. And not to go hungry.

I'll report back in five weeks' time!


Kristina said...

Amen! The only white thing that should be consumed by the human body is cauliflower. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Sweetfern Handmade

Kitschen Pink said...

this looks wonderful... but expensive! More tips, more info! There's an alternative blog in this post! t.x (just popped over from yarnstorm - loved your comment re. the power of crochet - I keep a gorgeous vintage knitted blanket in my old banger and I love to think that makes the old wreck bohemian rather than manky - although I'm guessing there are limits!!)

Melissa said...

hmm, very interesting. i too am trying to shift an extra stone of weight, and am thinking about how i could start. i really like your sensible and realistic approach. all the best with it!