Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Eh, more toiletries/make-up bags

I've been wondering about my obsession with making toiletries bags, and I think it may be because they're fairly easy to make (after a bit of trial and error), and more importantly, because they show off the different fabric I like to such great effect. The above bag is a make-up bag for myself. The toiletries bag I knitted for myself a couple of years ago has to combine as a make-up bag when I go away anywhere, so I could do with separating them out. I love the yellowness with a touch of pink of the Amy Butler material, and I love the Martini design. It's one of my favourites ever.
And this is something I've had in my mind to make for a few months. I first saw Carla Miller's blue Fossil material on Cottonpatch's website. I really liked it, and thought of making myself a skirt from it, but then my skirt-making obsession was spiralling out of control so I made myself stop. Anyway, it was my friend Vicky's birthday, oh, way last year - October I think. And I thought it would be cool to make her a toiletries bag in the fossil fabric because she's an archaeologist but when I went onto Cottonpatch's website to order it was no longer available. I eventually found it online at Sew Creative Wroxham Barns, just up the road in Norfolk, so I ordered it online. I finally got round to making it last night when I needed a little absorbing project.
I wasn't at all sure of the material when it arrived. I like bright and beautiful colours material, and this seemed rather dull. I even wondered if the printing was out of register, as it seemed quite fuzzy. Well, I made it up, and I like it much better and think it's quite effective as a bag. I'll give it to Vicky next time I see her and hope she likes it.

I think I might make up a few spare toiletries bags and set up an etsy shop.

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