Sunday, March 15, 2009


It might be worth putting the kettle on before you start reading, because this could take a while.

Yesterday I cut out and prepped a few things to sew today. The first thing I made was the toiletries bag and headband for my work colleague, Jo.

The material comes from Goodness in Japan. Jo is completely mad about elephants so I expect she'll love her present. I was really pleased with how it turned out. I still have to add cord and a toggle to a couple of the things I made, but you get the idea.
This stunted little bag is made along the same principles as my toiletries bags, except it's foreshortened (that word makes me laugh) and I lined it with the Oxford cotton.
It will eventually be sent to my friend Leonie who is due her second baby at the end of March, and it will contain two pairs of knitted baby shoes, and two pairs of knitted baby socks. I did the same when she had her first baby a couple of years ago, except I knitted the bag as well. Making stuff for other people is only worthwhile if they really appreciate the thought and effort, and she did. Cord and toggle to be added later. I've knitted the two pairs of shoes and one pair of socks already, just have to sew them up, and I'll leisurely knit a second pair of socks in the evenings.
I really felt in the mood to sew this weekend, and as I was making Jo a toiletries bag and headband I thought I really should make one for my other colleague, Katie. The three of us cover each other's work when we're on leave etc. And Katie is really cool. Cord and toggle still to be added here too. I hope she likes it. Material is Kaffe Fassett.
Phew, I really have been busy. The headband on the left is to be put with the toiletries bag I made before Christmas and will be given to my friend Julie for her birthday (which isn't till June, but I wanted to prepare it in advance because I think I may soon be busy with other things). And the headband on the right is for me and matches my recently-made make-up bag. Both bits of material are Amy Butler.
And this is something I'm very pleased with. It's Hagos's toiletries bag. I really like it. I hope he does too. Material is Amy Butler.
This funnily-shaped thing is my new peg bag! I've been needing a peg bag for ages, since Hagos bought me my great new pegs. I searched through my piles of spare fabric and couldn't decide, then I came across this Kaffe Fassett Daisy Green and realised it was perfect. It didn't matter that the fabric wasn't square, in fact I think it adds to the design. I lined it with the same waterproof material I use for my toiletries bags, mostly to add shape and strength.
It's hanging up on the shoe rack next to the front door, ready for action.
And just because I couldn't stop making things, I made these gift tags. I rather like them.

I'm looking forward to writing, gyming, and food shopping for healthy food tomorrow.

And looking forward already to seeing Hagos on Thursday and Friday.

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