Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Phew! Internet Connection

Our internet connection at home has, well, I'm not entirely sure what's happened, but the upshot is I can't connect to the internet or check my mail from home. And Hagos is in Europe and our broadband provider say the fault isn't at their end so I'll probably have to wait until Hagos returns in two weeks time to fix it :)

So, I'm in the lovely No.33 cafe because I feel a bit funny when I can't connect to the internet! And now I feel much better.

I've had a rough week, part-bug, part-stress I think. Anyway, as a result I cancelled most of my objectives for the week and felt better for taking the pressure off. A couple of days ago I felt an urge to make something so decided to start on my make-it-yourself Secret Santa present.
I really enjoyed making it. I cut it all out on the living room floor while watching Strictly Come Dancing, and Pride and Prejudice (again). Then I sewed together the outer of the bag. I'm really pleased with it so far. The interfacing is much tougher than the last one I used and gives the bag much more support and shape. I just have the lining to do. My only concern is that when I turn it all inside out for the lining to be in position the structure of the interfacing will be compromised as I'm having to bend it and shove it through a small space. We'll see. I can't see how else it's meant to be. Softer interfacing doesn't give it the support it needs. I hope my recipient will like it.
The lovely Meg in her sleeping position.

I was very excited when I went into John Lewis yesterday and saw that they had just taken delivery of some Amy Butler bolts of fabric! I asked the woman about it and she said they're getting even more. So I may have to indulge a little this weekend.

I think part of what's made me unwell this week is I didn't properly recover after Hagos left to go on tour. I was in town on Saturday seeing a friend for lunch, then again on Sunday to see two lots of other friends. And it was lovely to see people but I think it left me depleted of energy and low on immunity. I'm feeling much better now and back on track.
I popped into Neal's Yard and got some herbs to support my adrenal glands! I'm also planning to do NOTHING except homely things this weekend.

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