Thursday, October 23, 2008


This is Meg laying claim to our new car. We took our car to have its brakes fixed at our garage on Tuesday only to discover the car had several major things wrong with it, including a major oil leak in the engine (I know nothing about cars and am only repeating what I've been told!). When we dropped our car off we saw the above red car for sale ('red' is about as technical as I get) and on the way home discussed whether we should buy it or not, as our car was really beyond saving a couple of years ago. When we got home I phoned the garage and said we were interested in the red car they were selling, which is when the mechanic broke the news to me about our car. The cost to have all the repairs done came to a lot of money, so we returned to the garage, took a drive in the red car and bought it! It's so lovely, and I absolutely love it.

I'm so tired today. I got about four hours sleep last night as Hagos went to London for a couple of gigs in Gent tonight and London tomorrow night. He arrived in London late and I couldn't sleep anyway, and was up reading until about 1pm. So today at work I felt a bit teary and indecisive and was so glad when it was time to come home. I know I'm just tired so hopefully will sleep better tonight. I'm so looking forward to Saturday when he comes home again.

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