Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Love and Friendship

I haven't been sleeping at all well lately. Every night I wake up about 3.20am from a nightmare. It's been happening since Hagos went away. Last night's nightmare was quite positive though and it involved Hagos outwitting the baddies and the goodies. Cherie Lunghi (my favourite Strictly Come Dancing contestant) was also in my dream but she wasn't so lucky. Usually when I wake up I have to get out of bed and come downstairs to shake it off. I cuddle Meg, drink a glass of water and go back to bed and read. Last night I did the same, which is how I managed to read A Thousand Splendid Suns in one day. I was completely gripped by Mariam and Laila's stories and moved by the real love story between the two women. How, in times of hardship, love and kindness can flourish and survive. And surprisingly, that cruelty can too.
I'm very excited because Hagos is due home tomorrow. They're at the O2 arena in London today, then tomorrow he comes home! I feel like it's Christmas eve. This tour has felt like three months instead of three weeks. I don't exactly know why. We're used to spending weeks apart, sometimes six weeks to two months at a time, but this tour has felt like the longest ever. So I went to Sainsburys this afternoon to get some goodies in. I wore my orange dress with my blue tights and boots (I love wearing dresses) and when I got home my wool from Cucumberpatch had arrived. It's Ribbon Twist that was reduced from £7 to £2 a ball. So I'll be knitting the polo neck in the photo. It shouldn't take long.
I've been looking through this Arts and Crafts book recently. I bought it about 3-4 years ago and it includes categories from jewellery, wallpaper, furniture and architecture.
This textile design was by Lindsay Butterfield in 1904. Very reminiscent of Amy Butler.
I've often wished I could make my own furniture. Maybe some day I'll get round to it. These chairs are by Gustav Stickley around 1915.
And these mittens are by May Morris, 1910.
Finally, Meg has been a truly great friend to me recently. She's amazing.

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