Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just Looking

These are the Amy Butler fabrics in stock at John Lewis. I looked in today, just to bask in their beauty.
I was also pleased to see they have some Amy Butler patterns and books. Little Stitches For Little Ones is, like all things AB, exquisite. However, there weren't many things in there that I'd actually make.
I started on a Christmas present for one of my Godsons today. I knit while I watch Strictly Come Dancing every night, and eventually it grows.

Cherie Lunghi's dance tonight make me cry, it was so good. I have been teary today and lately. I'm missing Hagos very much. These three weeks have felt like three months. He comes home on Wednesday and I'm so looking forward to seeing him.

The gym is still going well. I've lost another couple of pounds. I'm able to run for longer on the treadmill every day too. I feel better for it definitely.

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