Thursday, October 16, 2008

View From a Catflap

I often have to look at this view as, even though Meg can work her cat flap perfectly well by herself she prefers to have Butler Service whenever it's available. She likes to assess the outside before she jumps into it. She looks, she sniffs, she listens, and then she jumps.
After all that waiting, Hagos is back!!! I was so pleased to see him when I picked him up, and I've taken today off work just to hang out with him. It's so, so nice to have him home.
I've had a burst of creativity recently. I did this much knitting just in a couple of hours. I should easily have it finished for going to Edinburgh at the end of the month.

I've also been wearing my orange, Kaffe Fassett dress a lot recently, with my tights and boots, and I feel really comfortable and happy in it. I'm already planning to make another dress from the selection of material at John Lewis. I'm thinking Martini Mustard or Martini Moss.
Though this is my absolute favourite Amy Butler print at the moment. I think it's very Art Deco.

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