Saturday, September 27, 2008

Herbal Cures

I got this book about twenty years ago when I lived in London and did an evening class in Parliament Hill Fields on herbalism. It was an amazing class and we learned a lot through observation. Each week our teacher would make us a cup of herbal tea and we had to say what properties the herb had, and once you tune into that it was surprising how accurate we were.
The book has beautiful photographs of all the herbs, as well as information on parts used, properties, and medicinal uses. I have another, more dense, herbal book, but this is my favourite.
It even has a section on dyeing wool with herbs!
I've had the book out in the living room for the last few weeks, just browsing and remembering and relearning. Today I decided to make a list of herbs that are good for eczema. During the changing of the seasons I get eczema on the palms of my hands. It clears up once the weather settles again, but the last week it's been fairly bad, though I've been using aqueous cream. Above is a photo of me trying to make a list of herbs to investigate. Always, always, always she has to be in on the action, my little shadow.
I had a really nice day today. Drove to John Lewis, looked at the lovely Christmas chocolate display, looked at the wool and material section, then I went to my friend's house for lunch, which was really nice, and we had a good chat over a very delicious and healthy sandwich. Before I went to Bev's for lunch I was sitting in my car waiting for Teddy Thompson to come on to the Jonathan Ross show. Hagos is on tour with TT at the moment and I was very excited to hear what he sounded like. Only for Jonathan Ross to announce at 12.30pm that Teddy couldn't make it due to fog! I love Jonathan Ross's show on a Saturday (not so keen on his TV show) so I was disappointed Teddy didn't turn up. I thought it was a great shame for him too as it would have been amazing exposure and boosted his career.

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Angifreak said...

Hi P!

I'm flying over on the 25th but we go straight to Spain. I'm going to post my dates on my Facebook soon -- I have 6 days off in London throughout the tour (I'm probably going to hunker down at Heathrow in a Travelodge or something). I've had this insatiable exhaustion lately... hopefully it'll lift before I start work. I finish in Dublin on Dec 1 and then I'm in the UK until Jan 2.

Also, don't hate me, I'm going to recommend a book to you: Zakka Sewing. OK, that might not be the exact name, but if you look up "Zakka" on Amazon you'll see it -- there's a squirrel teapot cozy on the cover.

I listened to Teddy Thompson the other day seeing as Hagos is on tour with him (saw that here) and it's really eerie how much he sounds like his father. I've always been a massive Fairport Convention fan.

OK, I've left the equivalent of a blog post here... I'll be in touch with dates soonish!