Saturday, October 04, 2008

Amy Butler at John Lewis

I've had a really lovely day. I met Vicky in town for lunch, then we both headed to John Lewis to look at the new Amy Butler fabric section, and the new Christmas section. I was so excited to see they have quite a lot of Amy Butler fabric to choose from and I couldn't resist buying a little selection. I bought half a metre of each, and also half a metre of winceyette fabric, all for a tenner, so I was very pleased. I'll probably make handbags with the AB fabric, and with the winceyette I plan to make sleeve tubes. Sleeve tubes are my own invention. Basically, I have three TV jumpers (short-sleeved jumpers from the Vintage Knits book) and can't wear them because I have cold arms. Vicky and I both observed today that summer has segued into winter and there has been no opportunity to wear those in-between clothes on an autumn day. I have a lovely body warmer I got from Boden. Last week it was too warm to wear, this week it's too cold. I bought it two years ago, and I've never actually worn it. So, I plan to make two tube-sleeves with elastic at each end to wear with my short-sleeved jumpers. I'll let you know how successful that is!Although the weather has gone straight to winter, it's still lovely to see autumn nature outside. I brought these clippings in from my garden today and it's so nice to bring some of the outside in. I especially like this little frog vase that Hagos's mum, Bette, gave to me years ago.
And I can't post without adding a delightful shot of the gorgeous Lady M. She's very vocal at the moment. Talks to me a lot, especially over food.

I'm beginning to plan making the house nice for Hagos returning home in a week and a half's time. I'm even thinking of dedicating one evening to making myself a recipe book so I have something to consult and refer to when he's too busy or tired to cook himself.

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