Saturday, April 07, 2012

Lots of knitting, and a beautiful ginger cat

I love the sheer abandonment shown by Meg when she sleeps beside me on the couch in the evening while the log fire keeps the room nice and toasty. She is relaxation personified. 
I finished both uppers for my slippers. I really like this pattern, and remember how lovely they felt on my feet when I last had them a few summers ago.

Though I am thinking of lining them either with some black fleece I have, or with a dress-weight cotton. The fleece would make them very warm and the cotton would make them look amazing (I love gorgeous linings), BUT once I'd finished knitting them I remembered how lovely the moss stitch felt against bare feet - really good, and like a mini-massage.
But in super-exciting news, I began my scarf last night! I'm really happy with it so far. I didn't have a plan or pattern when I began, just knew I wanted to knit the Norwegian star into the ends, and have occasional stripes of yellow to save on black wool. I had to increase the number of stitches by six on the second block of black as it was feeling slightly too narrow. It's wider than my previous scarf but that is knitted in rib and stretches whereas this is just st-st.
I did all of this last night so I anticipate being finished quickly. And not a moment too soon. My old hat, scarf and mittens are looking decidedly GRUBBY. I'll be able to salvage and re-use the green Rowan Cocoon from the ends of my scarf but the rest of the wool is too well-used to have any life left in it.

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