Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pyjama Bottoms Part II

Yesterday I made a second pair of pyjama bottoms. I almost had enough material from the sparkly hippos to make a complete second pair, but just didn't have enough length. I considered making 3/4 length pyjamas, which I quite like, or adding other material to the bottom, which is what I did. It took me a while to decide which material to add and I eventually settled on the grey bicycles because, you know, that whole connection between sparkly hippos and bicycles :)

I just have to hem the bottoms and they're finished. I managed to buy pyjama elastic in John Lewis yesterday (was very pleased to discover such a thing existed!) and I've used that for the waist band. I'm still planning to buy other material from Ikea to make more pairs.

I've started running again and yesterday I reached the point where I thought about going out for a second run of the day. My wintery, lethargic body is now craving exercise and physicality. I'm even now thinking about blowing up my exercise ball and pulling my weights out of the cupboard. 

Today is Saturday, the loveliest day of the week. We will go to Whitmuir for coffee, then come home and read and knit and sew and play Scramble (a new game my friends and I have gone crazy over on iPad/iPod) and watch a film together in the evening and eat home made pizza. Bliss.  

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