Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday is Pyjama-Making Day!

I've been wanting to make Amy Butler's Wide Leg Lounge Pants for years, to wear as pyjama bottoms. And finally, yesterday, I went to Ikea and bought this material:
I think they're a kind of hippopotamus with a sparkly tail. Anyway, I really like the material and I got 3 metres for £6! Huge bargain, and it's just the right weight for pyjamas. So this afternoon I plan to clear the kitchen table and get as far as I can with cutting out and sewing together. I know what I'm like once I get sewing, I find it difficult to leave a project part-way through. Very excited about this.
And yesterday I finished knitting my scarf. I steam-pressed it. And while I really like the design and colours, I'm wondering whether I need to do something about the curliness of the sides. Stitch-stich always curls but I had hoped pressing it would sort it out. I think my options are to either line it with black fleece, or just line the Norwegian Stars with black fleece so they are flat. And I have to sew in the loose ends, always a chore.
I'm back onto percolated coffee, and it is so delicious. And I'm trying to be back on my Weightwatchers' points, so all food and drink is counted and measured. Five Maltesers equal one point. Two After Eights equal one point. Hopefully I'll have a photo of my pyjamas to upload tomorrow.  

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