Sunday, April 15, 2012

My birthday, by Lynsey Burns

It was my birthday yesterday, the first proper one celebrated since we moved to Scotland as last year we moved house and country on my actual birthday.

I had planned to have a little party in our garden with friends and neighbours dropping in, but the weather forecast said non. It even forecast snow at one point.

Our friend Lynsey very kindly offered to host the party at her house, as she has a good-sized open plan kitchen/dining/kids' playroom area.

And when I arrived I was greeted with: PAULA written in Lego. A beautiful interpretation.
A birthday greeting, and a line drawing of myself :) That's me top right with the big head and spaniel's ears :)
A table already full of wonderful things - a parsnip birthday cake (when Lynsey asked me what my favourite cake was a few weeks ago I said I liked unusual cakes, not run-of-the-mill. I was in a particular mood that day), along with a most delicious lemon cake that had lemon curd running through it, oh, it was delicious. AND home-made scones, which were incredibly fresh and light and perfect-sized. (And strawberries and jam and mascarpone.)
I love the concertinaed paper decoration above the table. And there was tea and coffee and later we had sparkling wine. And lots more stuff. But I was totally blown away by the effort Lynsey (and her helpers) had gone to to make the room special. The birthday napkins and tablecloth and the balloons. It was all so incredibly sweet and completely played to my sensibilities.
The core birthday celebrators. Others came and went but we were there right at the very beginning until the very end.
And as much as I love dark chocolate - will I ever be able to eat this bar of HONEYDUKES? I really don't know.

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