Saturday, March 31, 2012


This is Meg as she sits on my lap first thing every morning - usually while I'm eating breakfast. She has her breakfast, then she approaches me and eyes my lap, so that I'll move round to enable her to jump up and snuggle in. She is such a faithful little friend.
Sometimes I pick up my knitting as I pass by, intending to only do one row. And lo and behold, Meg followed me, thought I was going to settle at my desk in the living room, and jumped up and settled down on top of my piano. It's so she can be as close to me as possible. What an honour :) I absolutely adore her.

So we went to Whitmuir Organic Farm this morning for coffee and cake, as usual. Whitmuir is a lovely place. I had shortbread today, Hagos had coconut macaroon. With cappuccino and decaf flat white.
Though I have a thumb left to knit on my mittens, and a sleeve still to knit on my jumper, I haven't been knitting lately because I haven't felt like knitting either of those things. So I picked up this incomplete project from a couple of years ago. They're a pair of cotton slippers, I think from an old Erika Knight book. I knitted the soles ages ago as I got the cotton in a John Lewis sale. Then I didn't bother finishing them. It's quite a quick knit and I should probably finish knitting the uppers this weekend. Just in time for summer.

I have been enjoying reading such a lot recently. I just finished Marianne Dreams, by Catherine Storr, which I last read when I was a child, and I'm now reading Lord of the Flies, after watching a documentary on William Golding. Again, I haven't read the book since I was a kid, and my copy is stamped with the name of my school, so I obviously didn't return it when I left. I also made a list of books I want to read and have been meaning to read for years and hope to make my way through the list to read as many as possible. But after reading Lord of the Flies I intend to read The Thoughts and Happenings of Wildred Price, Purveyor of Superior Funerals by Wendy Jones. I went to university with Wendy and am really looking forward to reading her book.

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