Saturday, December 13, 2008

We Wish You a Meggy Christmas

Meg has been fairly polite to the Christmas tree this year. The bottom baubles have been batted off and chased round the living room and kitchen, and she jumps onto the windowsill and reaches down to gently bat the top baubles, but so far no launching herself full-bodied into the tree, or grabbing the branches in her teeth and shaking it, like she did last year.
It has been so cold here for the last week. We need to light the fire earlier each day, and yesterday we used two scuttlefuls of coal. Our house is open plan from the living room, through the kitchen, up the stairs to the top landing/hallway, so there's a lot to heat, though we have storage heaters helping.
It was my works Christmas night out last night. I was glad to sit with my jobshare, Katy. We used to sit next to each other at work before we went part-time, and we get on very well, but now we rarely see each other. She hands over to me in an email, and I do the same with her. I miss her because I think we are fairly similar people in our approach to life. We have similar intelligence, and emotional intelligence, sense of silliness, and sense of fairness and right and wrong. So, all in all, it was a pleasant evening out and I left before any embarrassments occurred (pole dancing anyone - or, to be precise, lamp post dancing)! Above is Caroline (top), Katy (left) and me (right).This morning Hagos and I went into town and had breakfast as usual. Then we popped into my new favourite shop - a little music shop next to a favourite cafe, No. 33. I looked at all the music on sale, and bought The Complete Piano Player Christmas. I've played most of them already. It's a good level for me because it's fairly simple, seasonal, and it's making me learn to read the bass stave/clef (I'm still learning music terminology!).

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Daisy likes your cat!!

Her comment is - puss cat miaow miaow!!