Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Present Finished

Love that snowman. I got it from Reepham Station last year, and I think it's by a local artist - there's a stained glass studio behind where I live. Every year I like to buy a new decoration for the tree. I was just thinking in the last couple of days that I haven't bought one this year, and also that I've been without an angel at the top of our Christmas tree ever since Hagos and I have been together, when I came across this in a local shop: It reminds me of Scandinavian Christmas decorations. I like it. She has a knitted hat too - couldn't be more apt.
I'm hoping my sister doesn't have internet access at the moment because this is her finished scarf. I made it out of Rowan Tapestry. it's such lovely wool to work with. I used two slightly different colours for the main moss stitch body, working them two rows at a time, then used a ball for 1 x 1 rib at each end to finish it off. I hope she likes it! I have to post it to her tomorrow.
I'm trying to keep on top of the housework these days. The house is so much more pleasant and enjoyable when it's clean and fairly tidy. It's good to really live in a place, of course, but continual clearing up is part of that healthy living. I spent a couple of hours clearing out the front yard on Sunday and I really enjoyed it. Clearing up all the leaves, and the pruning that I did at the end of summer but never got round to tidying up.


Angifreak said...

Polly, you've been so incredibly busy -- between baking and sewing and knitting and tree decorating... now piano playing! I'm inspired.

I'm finally home. Horrid tour behind me, visit to the Not-Boyfriend over and I get to decompress and just snuggle on the couch and knit and eat soup (been sick). I hope I get to see you and Hagos next year -- did I ever send you the link to that Zakka Sewing book? I think you'd appreciate the simplicity of the patterns.

I'm now researching Furoshiki -- something I used to be really into; I think that in light of this economy, it's a good time to revisit Japanese gift-wrapping. I just need to leave the house...

Angifreak said...

OH! Your tree-topper reminds me of that "One Foot in the Grave" episode when Victor gets obsessed with a little Swiss-Miss puppet. Yours is much cuter, though.