Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

We put our tree up last night, after getting it in the afternoon. I really like dumpy little trees. An evening photograph would probably do it more justice but I was so excited by the arrival of my Christmas present this morning that I had to post.
It's a keyboard!!! All plans have gone out the window for the day and I'm still in my pyjamas after playing Silent Night and Super Trouper. I haven't played piano for about twenty years, but I boast about having a natural aptitude for music and within two minutes of it arriving I was slowly but surely playing my way through Silent Night. I soon got the treble clef sorted out, just the bass clef I need to get used to.
When Hagos and I first moved to London I took piano lessons for a few weeks. I was determined to impress my teacher (for purely competitive reasons) and mastered whatever she gave me to practice during the week, and more.

My urge to play again came about because another friend was given a piano for her birthday last year. I remembered how much I'd enjoyed playing and how quickly I'd progressed. I didn't intend to buy a keyboard, but when I sent Hagos an email asking if we had the means of picking up a free piano from a work colleague, he did some research and came up with this Yamaha keyboard. Lightweight (for when we eventually move), sounds amazing, and it wasn't so expensive that I feel guilty about letting him buy it for me.

Well I'd love to write more, but my keyboard is looking at me and I want to master Silent Night before Christmas. We're going to the library this afternoon to look for more music for me. I'd like more Christmas carols, and the music from The Piano (film). I'll have to go back to the beginning of my The Complete Piano player to remind myself of the basics, but playing and learning music I like is great motivation.

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