Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Material and Mittens

I got the fat quarters pack a couple of weeks ago. Amy Butler of course. Last night I laid one out to see what I could get out of it, and was amazed to find I can get one toiletries bag and a pair of slippers. A headband might be an inch too far, I'll see.

I bought one of the Tilda books last Saturday and it has a pattern for slippers. I'm thinking of making the toiletries bag and slippers for a Christmas present. I will soon have to come up with a different present to make people as several friends now have a toiletries bag. They are very cool.

And above, the finished mittens (okay, one thumb still to knit!). I really, really like them.

A friend emailed me at the weekend and said she'd decided to do home-made Christmas presents this year as a stance against consumerism and over-spending. I would much prefer a simpler gift-giving ethos. To scale it all right back financially, and make it more personal and thoughtful by either making the gift or by spending a moderate amount instead of a load of money. A paperback would be ideal.

I was pleased with myself for using the leftover wrapping paper from two years ago to wrap this year's presents. Every Christmas I usually enjoy choosing the wrapping but this year I decided to make do with what I had.

My friend asked if I'd like a home-made present this year, or if I would prefer to forgo giving presents to save on the stress. So I wrote back and suggested we make Christmas presents for each other, with no deadline for giving them. I think this is an excellent idea. You make and give the present whenever you feel like it.

Idealism is all very well but sometimes realism works best.

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