Friday, December 19, 2008

Stars, Hearts and Fudge

When I first moved to Norwich there was a shop on, London Street I think, called Ananas and Dansk. It was a Danish shop on three or four levels that sold gorgeous wooden furniture, and also, just inside the entrance, candles, decorations and things like that. I was upset when the shop disappeared and mortified when in its place - a Baker's Oven! Anyway, I bought the above Danish Christmas decorations in Ananas and Dansk. My friend showed me years ago how to make the paper stars, and pretty much every Christmas I make some fresh ones. Everyone I show them to wants to know how it's done. I have a link to some instructions on my other laptop that I can pass on if anyone's really interested.

I'm planning to make a few more and string them along the window with some hearts I've cut out to sew together from some leftover Christmas fabric. To make the house more Christmassy.

After tasting the Chocolate Pistachio Fudge Jo made for Katie in the MIY Secret Santa, I decided to make some myself to give as little Christmas gifts to friends. So I made it tonight.

My dad used to work for Carnation years ago, and the tin is satisfyingly solid, and the condensed milk tastes amazing. I thought it was too amazing to only be condensed milk (because, what else could be in condensed milk?) only to read the label and realise it contains sugar of course. No wonder it tasted so good.
I didn't have a square tin to set it in, so used two round tins instead. I'm hoping to get four or five bags worth.
I took a couple of hours' annual leave yesterday from work to mooch around town. I wanted to go to a specialist cook shop to look for gift bags for the fudge. I actually wanted plain bags, which I intended tying beautifully with ribbon, but there were none and so I settled for these Santa bags, which I'm now quite fond of.

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